Michael Cox


Michael Cox is the owner and operator of Main Line Tattooing in Frazer, Pennsylvania, since 1990. 

Michael, accomplished tattoo artist and body piercer, skilled in: Black and Gray, Full Color, Fine line, Portrait's, Old School, New School, and more. Mike will take the time to provide the quality artwork you deserve, at a price that you can afford. 

Michael is the head Body Piercer at Main Line Tattooing. Nostril, Navel, Nipple, Cartlidge, eyebrows, lips, etc. If you get headaches or migraines, Michael suggest a daith piercing. This piercing has been known to help relieve these symptoms almost, if not fully. Michael has had great success with this piercing, and would love to help you. 

Heather Kingsley

Guest Artist

Current guest artist, Heather Kingsley, (Owner and operator of Burning Bridges Tattoo In Michigan and Mystic Realm Studios llc. in Delaware). 


Heather is an accomplished tattoo artist and body piercer and has been working in the  tattoo industry since 1997. 

Certified MA, BBP Certified, Gauntlet certified, Certified Masters in micropigmentology, permanent makeup, 3-D nipples, Hairline, Scar camouflage, Permanent eyebrows (Powder filled or 3/D hair stroke, Permanent Lip Line, Lip Fill, Permanent eyeliner, eyelash extensions, and tattoo lightening technique.

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